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Revista de Chimie S.R.L. is offering free access to the following collections:

  CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS, collections 1907-1995 si 2002-2003
  Revista de Chimie, archives
  Materiale Plastice, archives

All these are available for study, free of charge, to students, Ph.D. candidates, professors, researchers and specialists in the field of chemistry, petrochemistry and other related fields.

Revista de Chimie S.R.L. , founded in 2019, took over from previous publisher SYSCOM 18 S.R.L., the editing activity of two prestigious journals from Romania, sponsoring their publication:

Revista de Chimie journal, with a continuous appearance since 1950 and Materiale Plastice journal, with a continuous appearance since 1964.

Both journals are indexed in international databases. The articles are published in English in Open Access system.

A lot of foreign and local personalities from the field have published and continue to publish valuable articles in this journals.

Revista de Chimie S.R.L. fulfilled all conditions to be accepted and uses the CROSSREFF system.

Revista de Chimie S.R.L. owns a specialized and dedicated software platform to process submitted papers in an objective manner.

Manuscripts are uploaded directly on the journals' websites through dedicated software platforms; they are verified from the similarity point of view and from the scientific point of view by the specialists in the field.

The specialized reviewers are from local and abroad Universities, Faculties and National R&D Institutes and the evaluation process provided as PEER REVIEW PROCESS it has two stages and it is strictly followed by the Editorial Board.

The accepted papers are published only in digital form on the websites: and, being grouped by volume and number.

The published papers are identifiable through the unique system DOI.

Publisher's History
YearPublishing House
1950Editura Tehnica
1953 Asociatia Stiintifica a Inginerilor si Tehnicienilor (A.S.I.T.) si Ministerul Industriei Chimice
1957Ministerului Industriei Petrolului si Chimiei si a Asociatiei Stiintifice a Inginerilor si Tehnicienilor (A.S.I.T.)
1962Ministerul Industriei Petrolului si Chimiei si Consiliul National ai Inginerilor si Tehnicienilor (C.N.I.T.); Centrul de Documentare al Industriei Petrolului
1963Centrul de Documentare al Industriei Petrolului si Chimiei
1965Ministerul Industriei Chimice si la Consiliul National ai Inginerilor si Tehnicienilor (C.N.I.T.); Centrul de Documentare al Industriei Chimice
1971Institutul Central de Cerceteri Chimice, din cadrul Ministerului Industriei Chimice
1980Institutul Central de Chimie
2019Revista de Chimie SRL